Event Lean theory in practice

22 March 2011

On 22 March Avias will be moderating LCIA workshops at the Lean event at Omron Manufacturing in Den Bosch. This event enables you to see and experience the way Omron successfully implemented lean techniques. The event is organised by Mikrocentrum. For more information and subscription please visit their website.



Successful LCIA workshop at Omron Manufacturing

25 October 2010

On 21 October the 3rd LCIA workshop was organised at Omron Manufacturing.

Guided by Bram Kale and Bas Mathijsen, the participants experienced the potential of LCIA by performing simulations of both conventional and LCIA assembly methods.

During the extensive plant tour it became clear that this potential can also be applied effectively in practice. In addition to the improvements in the assembly processes, the effects on the complete manufacturing and logistical chain were cleary visible.

The workshop was closed with an informal gathering to exchange experiences. Follow up of the workshop is planned by executing LCIA scans by Avias. These scans will clarify the potential of LCIA in improving the processes for the participating companies.


European Social Fund
Action E Social innovation

30 August 2010

In the period of 1 October until 29 Oktober it is possible to apply for the ESF action E fund for the year 2011.

Objective ESF Action E Social innovation

The objective of the European Social Fund, action E, is to increase labour productivity as a result of the renewal of the way that work is being organised. This can be accomplished by innovating the way of working, work processes and labour relationships. Maximising the useage of competences of workers, aimed at improving corporate performance and personal development is also one of the ways to accomplish this.

Most important criteria and contribution

Projects must be aimed at creation and validation in practice of an implementation plan. They must apply to the themes: "working time management" or "process improvement aimed at the distribution of internal work and tasks". One can think about disconnecting work and workspace or the creation of improvement teams. The funding for Action E projects is 75% of the project costs at a maximum. Project costs are minimal € 50.000 and maximal € 160.000. Total funding budget for 2010 will be € 12 million. Applications will be evaluated on the extend of innovation, involvement of stakeholders, external transfer, securing and feasibility.

In case you are interested in the implementation of LCIA in your organisation and would like to know if the realisation of an implementation plan is eligible for ESF-E funding, please contact us.




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