LCIA: That bit smarter, a whole lot better

The LCIA concept was developed within Omron, where it is now a standard technology in all its production facilities throughout the world. Among other things, LCIA increased average productivity per employee at Omron by 162% and reduced completion time from 30 days to approximately three days. The concept has since also been applied at leading international companies like Nokia, where similar successes have been achieved.

LCIA is a subtle mix of operator knowledge and experience on the one hand and fail-safe technologies on the other. LCIA uses tried and tested continuous improvement methods and tools that are often Japanese in origin, such as Kaizen and Poka Yoke.

By combining the experience acquired by Omron and the practical engineering expertise of our partners or the partner you prefer, Avias adds further dimensions to LCIA. Before we organise your assembly process according to LCIA principles, we ensure that all steps that do not add value are eliminated from that process. Only steps that are of value in the eyes of your customer are retained.

We intensively involve your company’s employees in the process. We help them learn how to independently identify and implement solutions to losses. Your employees therefore acquire knowledge that they can apply on a continuous basis rather than on a non-recurring one from that time on. Your employees also play an important part in the organisation and testing of the LCIA-optimised line. In addition to guaranteeing a good result, this participatory approach ensures broad support, greater acceptance and a higher level of engagement.

Added Value in Automation Solutions