The Avias partnership comprises:


Added Value in Automation Solutions (AVIAS)

Like every company, your aim is a product of the highest possible value to your customer. Among other things, this means that you strive to remove all steps from your production process that do not add value. Avias offers specific solutions for assembly processes to make this aim a reality.

One of these solutions is Low Cost Intelligent Automation (LCIA). Avias does not advocate major, rigorous changes. As is often the case, the difference is in the detail. Organising your assembly process in a way that is just that bit smarter, for example, can have a tremendously positive impact on your:

  • productivity
  • capacity utilisation
  • flexibility
  • lot quantity
  • quality
  • employee satisfaction, and
  • sustainability.

Smarter assembly according to the principles of Low Cost Intelligent Automation (LCIA) has been a great help to companies like Nokia and Omron. And you too can use this concept to take your production process a giant leap forward.

Read all about the LCIA concept and the Avias partnership.

Added Value in Automation Solutions