Blom Consultancy’s unique approach rests on seven basic principles:

  1. create ambition
  2. make losses visible
  3. improve on a team-oriented basis
  4. organise on a process-oriented basis
  5. agree standards
  6. safeguard standards
  7. make successes visible.

Blom Consultancy - The Monozukuri Company

Everyone prefers to work in a company that pays attention to the customer, the product and the employees in a working process that one significantly can influence. Beside this every employee wants to apply his or her talents as much as possible. Top management is able to realise this, hence increasing the chance of achieving all company goals. The philosophy and techniques of Monozukuri will help your organisation to reach a pleasant, productive and innovative working environment. Success will follow!

All consultants of Blom Consultancy have gained hands on experience in business management positions. They truly understand the challenges and dilemmas that are connected to change- and optimisation processes. They know that to achieve World Class level, the willingness and enthousiasm of all involved is crucial.

The result of Monozukuri is a continuously strengthening of competitiveness. This philosophy ensures companies to remain successful on the long term through an optimal and continuous positive exchange between customer, company and employees.

Beside the extended experience in continuous improvement tools like OEE, SMED, SGA and 5S, Blom Consultancy has helped in implementing complete continuous improvement programs (Lean Manufacturing, TPM, Six Sigma) for constituents in all kind of markets and industries ranging from food to steel production, assembly to business services, small companies to Multinational.

Within Avias, Blom Consultancy mainly introduces her expertise to analyse and to optimise production processes and to accompany the involved people during the changes.

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