Blom Consultancy


Avias: a unique partnership

Avias (Added Value in Automation Solutions) is a partnership comprising two leading companies: Blom Consultancy and Omron. The strength of the partnership lies precisely in the unique individuality of each company, which each have their own area of expertise. Direction through unity of diversity makes the partnership eminently capable of supporting you in achieving significant improvements in your assembly processes.

The two partners are driven by a single aim: achieving World Class Performance. In World Class production processes, each step – in the perspective of the customer – adds value to the product or service. Every World Class company is nevertheless always looking for ways to further improve their respective processes.

Blom Consultancy helps organisations in a range of sectors and industries to achieve continuous improvement. Omron has itself focused on continuous improvement for many years and in working to achieve World Class Performance developed and applied, among other things, the Low Cost Intelligent Automation (LCIA) concept. Our way of working provides the essential elements for our partners, our a partner of your preference, to translates ‘drawing table’ improvements into daily practice.

Together, the Avias partners and LCIA can enable your assembly process to take a giant leap forward.

Added Value in Automation Solutions